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Impact (WP1)

Environmental Impact workshops (supported by Work-package 1 of the project) aim at addressing main issues linked to environmental impacts from aviation emissions, in order to have clear visibility on the current knowledge, the recent results, the on-going scientific programs, the open questions, and the most strategic topics which should be further assessed or investigated by the scientific community, as well as the priorities which should be considered in the mitigation solutions addressed (in Work-package 2).

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Regulation (WP3)

Regulation WP3

Regulation workshops (supported by Work-package 3 of the project) address critical regulation issues linked to aviation emissions, in order to anticipate the consequences on the technological & technical solutions which may be investigated or developed, and to make recommendations on fair, robust and cost reasonable certification compliance means. Some link may exist with Work-package 1 (environmental impacts) and results may be relevant to Work-package 2 (Mitigation issues).

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Solutions (WP2)

Solutions WP2

Mitigation solutions workshops (supported by Work-package 2 of the project) consider all technological, technical and operational solutions having the potential to reduce aviation emissions and their environmental impacts.

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