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FORUM on Aviation and Emissions (& Environment)

The European project FORUM-AE is a technical and scientific forum addressing all the issues associated to the aviation environmental concerns linked to emissions: impacts, technical solutions and regulation. It supports the appropriate European research and innovation by giving it the necessary awareness and visibility.

Series of focused workshops aim at better understanding impacts, at identifying the potential technical and technological solutions, their expected benefits and maturity and at addressing regulation technical issues. FORUM-AE monitors also and assesses the European research and innovation in the field of aviation environmental issues linked to emissions by compiling relevant information from all existing EU projects and main national ones, and making assessment against the  ACARE environmental goals.


Environmental impacts

Mitigation technical solutions

Regulation technical issues


 ACARE Environmental Goals by 2050acare logo

  • CO2 emissions per passenger kilometre have been reduced by 75%, NOx emissions by 90% and perceived noise by 65%, all relative to the year 2000.
  • Aircraft movements are emission-free when taxiing.
  • Air vehicles are designed and manufactured to be recyclable.
  • Europe is established as a centre of excellence on sustainable alternative fuels, including those for aviation, based on a strong European energy policy.
  • Europe is at the forefront of atmospheric research and takes the lead in formulating a prioritised environmental action plan and establishes global environmental standards.